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We take a hands-on, collaborative and goal-oriented approach to our client relationships. We know the cannabis industry is constantly expanding and shifting – and a strong financial infrastructure is needed to keep up. 

Our team of skilled accountants and technology professionals can help get your cannabis business get back on the right financial track, pursue growth opportunities and strategize for short- and long-term successes using state-of-the-art cloud software solutions. Plus, we have extensive experience working with cannabis professionals: you’re in good hands. 

CFO & Controller Services
Services provided by a Chief Financial Officer and Controller allow for informed decision-making, skillful, strategic leadership and improved clarity when planning for your company’s future.

CFOs are trained to play the long-game, outlining strategic pathways to achieve your company’s goals. In this role, we can help determine your company’s direction when it comes to important financial decisions. For instance, we can take over obtaining proper licensing, provide recommendations on how to scale or transition your business, and explore new revenue streams or niches.

With our CFO services, you automatically get a team of cannabis industry experts who understand your business on both microscopic and macroscopic levels. You’ll be empowered with the right information to guide company decision-making, capture savings and drive profits. We can serve as your in-house CFO or provide assistance to your company’s existing CFO. 

Our Controller services provide business leaders with an indispensable 360-degree view of your financial portfolio, practicing due diligence and ensuring audit readiness. In this capacity, we’ll ensure all aspects of your business are properly supported, reconciled and accurate. We set expectations early-on, establishing the proper tools, technologies and processes to improve efficiency and visibility.

We initiate a steady partnership with business leaders, providing budget recommendations to support financial goals, overseeing cash flow, guiding record retention and providing astute interpretations of complex financial insights. Our controller services build financial integrity, so your business can grow with confidence.

Accounting Department Management & Documentation

Need a skilled leader with the right experience to manage your accounting department? Look no further than the team at Rebel Rock. With this service, we work closely with business leaders and possibly an existing bookkeeper to implement best practices, oversee and improve necessary processes and right-size the department for your company’s needs. Our responsibilities cover anything from business transactions and record retention to payroll and vendor/customer management.

We offer a keen eye for detail and a future-focused vision in ensuring everything within your business’ financial portfolio is managed properly. Our team delivers an objective perspective to see if your business is getting the services it needs and if required tasks are executed as expected. Then, we step in to fill in the gaps, streamline and strategize. 

Business System Implementation

Effective and efficient business systems are integral to company success. We take it even a step further, identifying which business systems make the most sense for your enterprise and long-term goals. 

We are big fans of cloud-based software, such as Xero or Intacct, to improve processes within all departments and at all levels. Why cloud-based? Because cloud systems are the way of the future. They make collaboration much easier and improve visibility at every level of your business. We would never force you on a platform; we work with your preferences, providing recommendations and improvements where they’re most needed.

We can set up your entire business system, from end-to-end. This means we’ll establish inventory control, accounts payable/accounts receivable management, merchandising processing set-up, establish and fortify banking relationships, track seed-to-sale, operate within accounting modules of ERPs and more. In addition, we’ll automate certain tasks to open up your schedule for other high-priority duties.

Our team provides excellent customer service and software recommendations, empowering businesses with the appropriate tech stack to fit their needs. Our own IT team oversees all maintenance and monitoring post-go. Say goodbye to being left on-hold when calling software solution providers, too – we’ll be your point-of-contact if any issues arise. 

Merger & Acquisition Assistance

Mergers and acquisitions can represent some of the most high-stakes, high-pressure transitions a business can undergo. They’re complex, requiring the proper planning and execution for the most successful results. We know that these changes are more than merely signing a contract and completing due diligence: Rebel Rock acts as a valuable partner from start to finish, always keeping your business’ financial goals top-of-mind. The earlier we are brought on board, the better.

Turning two companies into one, whether through a merge or acquisition, can be daunting for any team. Issues arise when proper planning isn’t in place well ahead of the merging or acquiring date, and can stop a business in its tracks. Planning is critical and that’s where we step in: we can provide an analysis of potential challenges and risks, assist business leaders in exploring potential options, prepare for due diligence, test the integrity of their financial information and identify any potential gaps. Additionally, we can help with any required migrations or business system alterations. Working with Rebel Rock during a merger or acquisition means you’ll gain critical oversight, beneficial recommendations and a clear roadmap to navigate these changes with confidence.

Audit Readiness

An audit is a vital aspect of seeking investment or loan covenants. They’re built to test the veracity of your financial documentation. Preparing for an audit can be a little stressful – getting an expert perspective on things ahead of time will save you time and energy.

We have pros that come from an audit background, so we offer specialized, insider perspective on an audit’s specific guidelines and requirements. We understand the best steps to take ahead of an audit, including what documents to examine and how to test for any material misstatements. If we encounter any discrepancies, we will identify the best routes to correct them or issue a non-clean audit report.

We prepare you for the rigor of audit, and then we can refer you to one of our strategic partners to conduct the audit.

Due Diligence Assistance

Can you support your numbers? How do you prove your profits? Due diligence ensures that you can back up specific financial claims with the appropriate paperwork. You need the cold, hard numbers – proof – to convince anyone of your company’s growth and profits. 

When it comes to due diligence, many business leaders are unsure of where to start, but this step is important for any company seeking investment, ahead of an acquisition and in a number of other scenarios. Due diligence is a deep and thorough examination of your company’s documentation, but we make the process the stress-free.

Our due diligence review includes identifying and quantifying situational risks and opportunities, evaluating the quality of historical and projected earnings and cash flow, uncovering hidden costs and/or contingencies, finding tax exposures and revealing issues that may affect the purchase price or contract conditions. Finally, we’re continually seeking opportunities to build business value within the context of the cannabis industry.

Income Tax Services (U.S. Only)

Cannabis businesses face some unique challenges when it comes to preparing for taxes. Federal and state governments are often at-odds when it comes to our industry, with the exception of cannabis being highly scrutinized, heavily taxed and closely regulated. Reflecting inconsistency at the state and federal level, each state presents its own tax and regulatory cannabis laws. This increasing complexity results in a heightened risk for civil and criminal liability.

We aren’t here to intimidate you, though. By partnering with Rebel Rock, you approach tax season proactively and reduce liability. We’re familiar with the common obstacles cannabis entrepreneurs encounter during tax season and can advise business leaders on how to get and stay compliant. We provide income tax services, prepare your annual tax return and quarterly estimated tax filings. In addition, we work with business leaders throughout the year to ensure appropriate tax planning. 

Federal statute 26 U.S. Code Section 280E says cannabis businesses are barred from taking tax deductions or credits. This means that cannabis business owners are often faced with exceptionally high taxes. Through careful and legal accounting recommendations, we can help your cannabis business save the most money come tax season.

Accounting Services

  • Accounts Payable Management – Manage your payables with ease. We take care of cash flow, making sure payables get what they need, when they need it. We take the stress or confusion out of the process, so you can focus on other tasks.
  • Accounts Receivable Management – We review your contracts and invoices to ensure compliance. We can then help you implement business systems that automate a lot of the laborious administrative work associated with the accounts receivable processes. Further, we communicate with your clients’ accounts payable departments for the most efficient results. 
  • Expense Reporting & Receipt Tracking – We make organizing expense reports quick and painless. We analyze the complexity of your receipt tracking and determine what software, such as Xero Expenses, makes the most sense for your business goals.
  • Full Cycle Reconciliation – Any business can benefit from a monthly check-in. With our accounting services, we prepare closing entries and reconcile bank statements. This includes monthly profit and loss, balance sheets and cash flow illustrating all financial activity.
  • Bookkeeping Services – Who is responsible for maintaining your company’s records? A bookkeeper is a key figure in filing and organizing pertinent information regarding your business transactions. If you don’t have a bookkeeper already, we can provide bookkeeping services or can train an in-house bookkeeper for you.
  • Financial Statement Preparation – Financial statements illustrate accounting information that is then delivered to investors, lenders or creditors to evaluate your company’s performance. We ensure your financial statements are accurate, timely and display relevant information.
  • Inventory Control The guiding principle here: cannabis businesses need to set up their inventory system to make 280E reporting quick and painless. We can also help you organize your inventory to be as tax-advantageous as possible.
  • Payroll Management – We make payroll processes as easy as possible – even for companies that operate in cash. That’s why we can set you up with an automated payroll system so your employees get timely direct deposits. From there, we’ll take care of any monitoring or system maintenance. 

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