Neil Vermillion


Neil Vermillion

Neil Vermillion

Accounting & Training Specialist

A point-person for training and stellar customer service, Neil Vermillion is an essential part of keeping the Rebel Rock team operating efficiently and achieving the firm’s high quality and service standards. He brings a plethora of professional, military and life experience, quick thinking and an exemplary work ethic.

As an Accounting Specialist with Rebel Rock, Neil is a valuable resource for business leaders when it comes to day-to-day accounting services. He recognizes the smaller details can add up over time – and he ensures his clients’ bookkeeping is executed properly with laser-focused accuracy, helping clients identify discrepancies, inaccuracies or unnecessary spending before it becomes a costly and labor-intensive issue. Neil can help oversee reconciliations, bookkeeping and depreciating fixed assets, recording and amortizing loans, expense reports, financial reviews and month-end closings. Further, Neil helps manage payroll and 401(k) contributions. 

In addition to providing Rebel Rock clients with accounting insights, Neil is a Training Specialist at Rebel Rock. He’s instrumental helping new clients become accustomed to proper accounting software, overseeing processes and protocols, and reviewing client procedures and recommending improvements. And, if clients encounter issues with their software along the way, Neil is available to help guide repairs, provide additional training or troubleshoot. 

An expert communicator, Neil has 16 years of military experience. He worked closely with Peshmerga forces in combating ISIS in Iraq. Interacting with soldiers from all different backgrounds, languages and cultural perspectives taught Neil the importance of effective leadership and communication. He was also an owner and trainer at Peshmerga Training Concepts, and he served as a lead firearms and urban combat instructor at the nonprofit organization The Sons of Liberty. While serving in the military, Neil was included on the Army Professional Leadership Development Commandant’s List (in the top 20% of his class), earned a Bronze Star Medal and eight Army Commendation Medals. 

Neil’s unique background makes him stand out in the accounting world. These abilities learned in the military – effective communication, attention to detail and quick thinking – are all applicable in Neil’s role at Rebel Rock. He responds to swiftly changing financial circumstances, maintains a high level of accuracy, time efficiency and an innate ability to collaborate with those from diverse backgrounds and cultures. 

Neil earned an Associate’s of Applied Science in Aeronautical Engineering from the Dodge City Community College. He is also certified in and In his spare time, Neil enjoys competition shooting, snowboarding and



Accounting & Training Specialist at Rebel Rock


Guides clients with day-to-day accounting activities


Certified in and


16 years of military service, Army Professional Leadership Development Commandant’s List (top 20%), Bronze Star Medal, eight Army Commendation Medals


Associate’s Degree Aeronautical Engineering from the Dodge City Community College

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