While traditional financial and accounting service providers have shied away from serving cannabis clients, Rebel Rock was founded solely to assist these underserved businesses in the burgeoning industry. Rebel Rock Co-founder and CFO Melissa Diaz discussed this point and more as part of a feature article recently published in the Phoenix Business Journal.

In the story, Melissa divulges the entrepreneurial origins of Rebel Rock and the importance of a steady plan of growth to gain a strong reputation in the industry. Additionally, she discusses how critical banking relationships are in cannabis, especially since federal regulations still hamper cannabusinesses’ access to the full gamut of U.S. financial services.

If you need to establish strong banking relationships, the professionals at Rebel Rock can guide you in the process, as well as work to get your finances on track and position your business for sustainable growth. Learn more about our full slate of services.

Read the full Phoenix Business Journal article here.