Even with existing and potentially new challenges, the cannabis industry is shaping up for another strong year in 2020. Rebel Rock CFO and Co-founder Melissa Diaz discussed some of those challenges as part of a Q&A feature in the latest issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.

In the write-up, Melissa highlighted some of the obstacles cannabis companies face trying to raise capital, while also touching on some upcoming financial trends in the industry including new payment processing solutions and a potential slowdown in industry investment. In addition, she emphasized the importance of cannabis operators establishing the right types of business and accounting systems up front to ensure long-term success.

We know the cannabis industry is constantly evolving. That’s why a strong accounting infrastructure is needed to keep up. Whatever the financial state of your cannabis business, the professionals at Rebel Rock can get your finances on track and position your business for sustainable growth. Learn more about our full slate of services.

Read the full Marijuana Business Magazine feature here.