After a year filled with more investment, growth and expansion, what’s in store for the cannabis industry in 2020? In an article for Cannabis Industry Journal, Rebel Rock’s CFO and Co-founder Melissa Diaz breaks down several financial and business trends that could have big impacts in the industry throughout the new year.

In her article, Melissa explains that securing investment and capital will prove more difficult in 2020 as investors begin to look past the cannabis hype and perform higher levels of due diligence before signing on the dotted line. With more cautious investors, the industry also will see more mergers and acquisitions as smaller players mull whether to sell to a bigger operator to survive.

In a tightening investment market, keeping an eye on cashflow is imperative. Rebel Rock can help cannabis companies identify potential risks and establish processes to ensure the business is in a strong, sustainable position to pursue business goals. Learn more about our full slate of services.

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